Society of Experimental Test Pilots Disclosure Agreement

* You must accept the following agreement before you can register
The presentations given at this workshop are made in the spirit of sharing lessons learned. By their nature, they frequently describe technical issues which may be sensitive. They are not intended to reflect either positively or negatively on an overall program. As such, the Flight Test Safety Committee (FTSC) requests that workshop attendees view presentations in this light, and do their utmost to protect the reputations of presenters and the organizations they represent.

For all attendees of this workshop, the FTSC requests that you handle this information as background material, and not as a corporate release. If you should wish to use this information in a story or any other form of presentation, you must contact the presenters or appropriate corporate representatives to ensure that the presentation material can be viewed in the proper programmatic context. The FTSC expressly forbids the use of this presented material in connection with any press release or article without the written consent of the authors.

Failure to comply with this disclosure agreement will result in your exclusion from future Flight Test Safety Workshops.

You must agree with the above statement in order to register for this workshop.

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