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Please use your legal name for the First Name field.
Your legal name should be the same name as on your military records.
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Please complete one of the following fields: Command: Please fill out the command field ONLY if you are active duty. This field will not be visible in your profile and is for internal use only. If you cannot locate your command, choose "Command not listed". If you choose not to reveal this information, just choose "Decline to answer".

Organization/Business: Non active duty please use this field to write in your company name. If you are contracted to a command please write only the base or city in the Organization field. For security reasons do not write in any military commands in this field. Military Commands will NOT be visible in your profile.

There is no need to put retired, former veteran, etc. as you have already chosen that status above however, if you do not have a current organization or do not wish to share that information feel free to enter just "Veteran" in this field.
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has been most helpful is reconnecting former teammates.
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